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Recessed Lighting in Seattle

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Choosing a new type of lighting for your home can be difficult without being able to picture how it will look and function inside each room. Recessed lighting is an option that has become more and more popular due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. The reason that homeowners choose recessed lighting includes that it is a multifaceted and subtle option which can light a room without bulky fixtures or lamps. Recessed lighting fixtures are flush with your ceiling so that they can illuminate a room without diverting your attention.

A few of the common uses for recessed lighting include:

  • Accent lighting, such as above entertainment centers or art
  • Task lighting, such as in a reading nook or above a desk
  • Ambient lighting, such as in a living room or entryway

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Functional Lighting for Your Upgrade or Remodel

Whether you have already begun your home improvement project or you are simply doing your research, it is important to understand the benefits of each lighting option. Recessed lighting can be used in virtually any room and for a wide variety of purposes. The only limitation for recessed lighting is your imagination.

These fixtures can also be used with lighting controllers or dimmer switches, giving you complete control over your lighting. An added bonus of installing recessed lighting is that these fixtures aren't just versatile, they create a warm ambiance without increasing your energy bill. In fact, some homeowners experience cost savings after choosing recessed lighting because they have total control over when and where it is used.

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