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Seattle AC Installation & Replacement

Keeping Customers Cool in Snohomish County & King County

When summer heats up, you’ve gotta have a good AC. Without it, your home can feel like a sauna and make life miserable. Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air offers fast, reliable service to help you stay cool. We can give you the information you need to make a smart, quality appliance purchase that will keep your home comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. Call our Seattle AC installation and replacement service today to schedule an estimate and get started.

Dial 206-203-4714 now or contact Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air online to schedule your estimate.

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Quality AC Systems to Keep You Comfortable

By the time you need a new AC system, you will probably be replacing an outdated appliance that uses a lot of energy. Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air carries and services premier brands and styles to ensure you have the right kind of system for your needs. No matter what kind of setup you need for your home, you can count on us to provide you with the equipment you need to enjoy the summer in comfort.

We can install any kind of AC unit, including:

Join Our Partner Plan

Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air offers industry-leading warranties on all AC systems we sell, so you can count on us to help you get the service you need when you need it. We also offer a partner program to save on other services such as preventive maintenance and 24/7 priority care. Joining can save you money on dispatch fees, emergency repairs, and overtime charges. Plus, you’ll always have first access to specials and coupons we offer.

Get your AC up and running today. Dial 206-203-4714 now.

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