UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN - As a provider of essential services here in the Puget Sound Region, Seatown Electric Heating & Air remains open to serve you. To insure the safety of our customers, our technicians health is monitored closely and we are following the highest safety recommendations, including the use of masks and protective gloves. The health and wellness of our customers and employees will always come first. We are here for you!

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Take Care of Water Leaks with Seatown Electric

Water leaks are often more of an annoyance than an emergency. But what happens when you can’t complete the repair yourself or can’t find the source in the first place? Here’s were Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air comes in. Our seasoned team can help you identify and repair all kinds of water leaks throughout your Seattle, WA home. Each of our team members understands the warning signs of a leak and can make the proper repairs. Once we’re done, we’re also happy to provide you with some professional maintenance tips to keep your pipes up and running for years to come.

Concerned About a Leak in Your Water Supply?

Leaks in your water supply line are often a challenge to identify. Unfortunately, these leaks can become severe very quickly and typically require professional help. Our team can assist you in finding the source of the leak and repairing the problem without causing a disruption to your day. At Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air, we’re very aware of our customers’ busy schedules, and we do our best to make sure our service fits neatly into your day. If you notice a potential leak, don’t put off service. In most cases, a professional plumber should perform all repair work to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen later.

Addressing Common Leaks

Faucet and toilet leaks are some of the most common problems plumbers deal with day to day. Leaks coming from the faucet are typically straightforward to repair, but this depends on the type of faucet. Some homeowners are able to fix these water leaks without professional help, but Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air is always here for you if you need us. Toilet leaks, on the other hand, are more difficult to detect. If you suspect a problem with the inner workings of your toilet, be sure to let our team know. We’ll visit your home, inspect your system, and make any necessary repairs.

Getting the Job Done Right the First Time

For water leaks major and minor, Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air is Seattle, WA’s top choice for repair work. Our team is well-trained in the fundamentals of plumbing, as well as repairing more advanced problems. We understand making time to fix water leaks is a hassle, but our team can get the job done quickly and correctly.

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