Long Live Your AC: Why Now Is Time to Schedule Your AC Tune-up

April 30, 2024
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Seatown is dedicated to maintaining your air conditioner all year around so that, when the heat strikes, your home is cool and comfortable without any hiccoughs.

While Seatown offers air conditioning repairs in a nonintrusive manner, we believe in preventing required repairs through routine tune-ups.

What exactly is involved in an air conditioner tune-up? What does routine air conditioner maintenance mean for you? And why should tune-ups be scheduled now rather than when you are using your AC most? This article provides all the answers for you.

Why Your Air Conditioner Should Be Given Routine Care With Tune-Ups

Scheduling professional and routine tune-ups for your air conditioner is a fantastic strategy to take for many reasons:

1. Improved Performance And, Therefore, Better Comfort Levels

If your air conditioner has been maintained and tuned effectively, you will notice that your machine is performing much better. The result? Cooler air circulating your home without having to wait excessively before the space cools down.

There is nothing worse than waiting for an hour in high temperatures to be comfortable. Plus, the wasted energy in that empty hour of waiting is added directly to your monthly energy bills, which makes the sting even worse!

Routine tune-ups are a highly effective manner to better performance in a faster timespan.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

While many homeowners understand the dangers of outdoor pollution, indoor air quality is vastly underrated in importance.

The air inside your home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside your four walls. This can lead to symptoms like watery and irritated eyes, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

If you suffer from allergies, routine air conditioner tune-ups should be a top priority.

During an air conditioner tune-up, your air filters are inspected and changed, removing the dust and debris that gathers over time and gets blown back into the inside air.

As such, the air quality inside your home drastically increases, allowing you to breathe easily and comfortably.

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3. Higher Efficiency and Energy Bill Savings

When your air conditioner receives regular tune-ups and maintenance, it will run more efficiently and, in turn, consume less energy to cool your space.

The reduction in energy required for your air conditioner to function effectively will show on your monthly energy bills.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests that routine and expert maintenance can increase your air conditioner’s efficiency by up to 15%. When compared to an air conditioner’s shelf life —lasting between ten and thirty years—this adds up to a significant saving in the long run.

4. An Increased Shelf-Life For Your Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner receives routine care via tune-ups, small issues are captured and fixed before they evolve into larger (and more costly) repairs and, in some cases, entire replacements.

On top of this, the longer your air conditioner lasts and runs without problems, the more value you gain from your initial investment.

What Is Included In Your Air Conditioner’s Tune-Up?

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When you book routine air conditioner tune-ups with Seatown, your system will receive a  manufacturer recommended maintenance. Our expert team will inspect and evaluate your machine as a whole, focusing on:

  • Inspecting Your Unit For Any Evident Problems or General Wear and Tear

Your air conditioner will be inspected for any clear and visible issues, including assessing whether any leaks are present, evaluating the health of its compressor and condenser, and searching for evidence of any other potential issues.

  • Cleaning and Adjusting Your Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is what is responsible for actually cooling the air inside your home. Without this, your air conditioner will not do as intended. This impaired performance is also extremely costly to your energy. During routine tune-ups for your air conditioner, the refrigerant levels are inspected, cleaned, and adjusted as needed to ensure they are correct.

  • Replacing or Cleaning Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filters

The air filters inside your air conditioner can easily become clogged with dirt and debris over time. If left neglected, these pollutants can block the air flow as well as get blown back into your home.

With impaired performance and poorer indoor air quality, air filter replacement and cleaning are routine requirements that will be addressed at your air conditioner tune-ups.

  • Adjusting and Cleaning Your AC’s Blower Components

Your air conditioner’s blower is a hotspot for dust and debris accumulation. As this builds up, your air conditioner’s performance can deteriorate, and your system requires more energy to function.

Technicians will inspect and clean these components before making the necessary adjustments to ensure your air conditioner’s blower is functioning as it should.

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  • Performing Tests On Your Air Conditioner’s Controls and Safety Devices

All of your air conditioner’s controls and safety devices are assessed to ensure they are functioning and that your machine is safe to use. Your thermostat, circuit breaker, and other safety devices are given functionality tests, and any problems can be reported and repaired before they grow.

  • Assessing and Tightening Loose Electrical Connections in Your Air Conditioner

Over time, loose wiring and connections are to be expected. However, if they are neglected, your air conditioner’s performance will deteriorate and, in some cases, require total replacement.

With routine air conditioning tune-ups, the connections inside your system will be inspected carefully and tightened if necessary.

  • Applying Lubricant to Your Air Conditioner’s Moving Parts

Proper lubrication with the appropriate lubricant is crucial for your air conditioner to operate smoothly. Technicians will lubricate any moving parts inside your air conditioner, reducing friction and extending its shelf life.

What Can I Do Myself To Maintain My Air Conditioner?

In addition to booking routine air conditioner tune-ups, you can complete simple tasks at home to optimize your system’s performance, extend its life, and reduce your energy bills.

  • Keep Your Air Conditioner’s Outside Unit Clean and Clear

Outdoor air conditioning units naturally get dirty. Leaves, dirt, and debris can contaminate the space where your unit is sitting, blocking the machine’s airflow and causing it to work harder than it should.

Therefore, one way to maintain your air conditioner at home is to keep the outside unit clean and the space around it as clear as possible. Do not, for example, position plants or flowers too close to the unit.

Head outside around once a month to inspect your outdoor air conditioning unit and manually remove any leaves or debris that have accumulated on top of it, in front of it, or near it.

  • Check And Change Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filters Regularly

An air conditioner’s air filters play a crucial role in both performance and your household’s health.

It is common for air filters to become blocked with dust and dirt. If the filters are not cleaned or replaced, dust particles are blown back inside the home when the air conditioner is in operation.

As a result, this causes the air quality inside your home to worsen. For those with allergies or other respiratory conditions, poor indoor air quality can cause severe discomfort.

Avoiding this is actually surprisingly simple. Your air filters inside your air conditioner will be replaced during tune-ups. However, it is also important to check and change your air filters yourself routinely.

Remember to change your filters on average every ninety days (or every three months). If you use your air conditioner excessively, though, you may need to change them more regularly.

It is best to actively inspect the state of your air filters every month to optimize your air quality and flow.

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When Is The Best Time To Book My Air Conditioner Tune-Ups?

Extremes in temperature can test the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. In summer, for example, your machine will be used more frequently than in the other three seasons.

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As a result, scheduling your air conditioner tune-ups in spring is advisable. That way, your air conditioner’s health is assessed prior to excessive usage as the heatwaves roll in.

Your next tune-up is recommended to take place in the fall, directly after the excess of usage. This allows technicians to inspect the impact of wear and tear, allowing your air conditioner to be cared for after a busy period.

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If your air conditioner is in need of routine maintenance, there is no better time to give your system some much-needed attention. To book your air conditioner tune-up with Seatown by simply booking online or call today! We will schedule your tune-up on a date and time that works for your household. Allow our expert team will optimize your air conditioner so that your family spends the warmer months in comfort.

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