UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN - As a provider of essential services here in the Puget Sound Region, Seatown Electric Heating & Air remains open to serve you. To insure the safety of our customers, our technicians health is monitored closely and we are following the highest safety recommendations, including the use of masks and protective gloves. The health and wellness of our customers and employees will always come first. We are here for you!

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Trust Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air for Repiping

Whole-home repiping is a big job, one most homeowners don’t know to consider. However, small repairs don’t always cut it when it comes to restoring your plumbing system to its full functionality. Although repiping seems inconvenient, and even daunting, Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air can make the process less burdensome for you and your family. Our team of plumbing experts has repiping down to a science. We’ll visit your Seattle, WA home and begin work on repiping your whole home at light speed. We value both speed and quality, so our customers know they’ll get properly-installed pipes without long wait times. Learn more about how Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air is best for the job!

Repiping Services

What Does Repiping Involve?

In general, Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air suggests repiping your whole home when simple repairs aren’t enough to correct significant problems. As we get to work installing your new pipes, we’ll need to peel back some drywall to gain access to the problem areas. As we work, we make sure to clean up our mess, so you aren’t left on garbage duty once we leave. In most cases, you can expect your repiping to be completely finished within a few days. Our team is always happy to give you an estimate of our finish date.

When to Call a Plumber for Help

Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air wants to make sure you know when to consider a whole-home repiping. This plumbing service doesn’t typically live at the forefront of our minds, so it’s important to recognize some signs you may need repiping. Don’t write off the following red flags; call Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air right away:

  • Low water pressure: Sudden decreases in water pressure could mean rusting or obstructed pipes. While this is sometimes repairable, repiping is also a valid option.
  • Discolored water: Red or brown water coming out of your faucet also indicates rust and a potential need for repiping.
  • Frequent leaks: Leaks from time to time are only natural. However, if you find yourself calling for the plumber on multiple occasions, it’s time to consider repiping.

Restore Your Plumbing System Today

Whether you’re noticing frequent leaks, or your home is simply getting old, repiping could be your best solution. At Seatown Electric Plumbing Heating and Air, we’re committed to restoring your plumbing system to its full function, whether than means repiping or performing minor repairs. We’ve been trusted in Seattle, WA for years, thanks to our reputable electrical and HVAC work. As we add plumbing to our resume, we’ve left many happy customers with fully-functional plumbing systems thanks to our experienced team.

Schedule Your Estimate or Service Today!